OS account integration confirmed.
Posted by LuviniaWorld on 2013-08-15 09:25:15
Outspark users account retrieval confirmed as available.

The cost per character will be $25.This will be matched with a $30 credit in Soa Coins and an in game item yet to be determined.
The character data has been rolled back approximately 1 day from the day the game went down.
Any items you may have had in premium inventory are gone
Families have been wiped.
There will be both a gifting option (Where Soa Credit is left with the person gifting) and a bulk purchase option (Where you will gain a free account to gift when you purchase multiple accounts same rules apply on Soa Coins)
You will need to know your Spark ID and have access to the email account associated with your Spark ID to retrieve your account. If you do not remember your spark id You will need to contact customer service before attempting to retrieve your account as it will need to be done manually and MAY incur additional costs.
If the email associated with your account is no longer valid you will need to contact customer support before attempting to retrieve your account.
If you do not remember your Spark ID or Email address you will need to be able to give us some details on the status of the gear on the account or other information to prove that the account is in fact your own. (Alt character names etc) A questionnaire for this will be available.
The link for character retrieval will only be available on the OBT Launch Date.
Please post any questions regarding character retrieval on this thread ONLY