Luvinia World Official Launch
Posted by LW on 2013-08-19 08:55:12
Luvinia Worlds long awaited return.

Some time ago, a community of gamers while enjoying the game they loved, found they were suddenly unable to play anymore. The game servers had been shut down and the community milled in confusion unsure of what was going on. Once it became clear that their game was gone, one of the members set up a campaign to inspire the return of the game. A publisher was found and work on the rebirth began.

After the long wait, Luvinia World Returns.

On August the 20th at 9 am Pacific Standard Time, Players will once again be able to play the game they love so much. They have the opportunity to retrieve their old account information and pick up right where they left off.

Luvinia World is being brought back better than ever with exciting changes around the corner. The long desired faction change item will be available in about a week and exciting new content is set to be released very shortly after initial launch.

Challenging Events are planned and the game will continue to undergo adjustments and changes as it becomes even better, inspired by the input of the community that loves it.
Will you play? LuviniaWorld welcomes new players as well as old into the robust colorful world encompassed by the continent of Savajela. Join to gain the knowledge of Geneway College to give you the tools and skills you need to battle alongside your friends to save the continent from ravages of the war between the Elves, Orc's and Dwarves.

Savajela needs you August 20th 9 am PST be there!