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Maintenance 10-24

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  • Maintenance 10-24

    • The Teleport book stacking issue has been further refined to include 7 day port books
    • A spelling error on the Faction change item has been fixed.
    • Forced Divorce now recognizes non- tradable planar essence in bag.
    • The Tailoring skill to create Heavy skin now says Heavy skin instead of Heavy Fur
    • CBT mounts are now upgradable.
    • Quests from Silver Tundra are now under Silver Tundra in quest log.
    • The debuff glitch from the Pig Head wand item has been resolved.
    New Content and adjustments:
    • Support for Level 4/5 mount upgrades has been added
    • Reset cost for lvl 90,95 and 100 dungeons has been dropped to 800 Vitality (Note: the cost to receive the quest is still 1200)
    • The drop rate on Abbes floor 3 has been increased. (Divine buffs)
    New Store Items:
    • Amethyst Chest(Requirement for mount Stat strengthening)
    • Starlight stone Chest(Requirement for mount Stat strengthening)
    • Elemental Core (Requirement for mount stat Reshaping)
    • Black Calvary Supplies (Requirement for upgrading Mount properties past lvl 3)
    • Lvl 4 Mount upgrade Chest (Requirement for leveling Lvl 3 mount to lvl 4)
    • Lvl 5 Mount upgrade Chest (Requirement for leveling lvl 4 mount to lvl 5)
    In discussion: (Future Patches)
    • Fix for the global announcement error when a party leader is not on the map when a boss is killed.
    • Lvl 95-100 Content expansion
    • Various text fixes
    Overall an exciting patch which brings us new adventures in the coming week. Remember to welcome new players into your families and to help them with the things you found confusing when you began the Journey in Luvinia.

    Also watch for our "New player tip of the day coming on Facebook" Most of all HAVE FUN!