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Exclusive items go on sale in Luvinia World for 100% Donation to Philippine Red Cross

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  • Exclusive items go on sale in Luvinia World for 100% Donation to Philippine Red Cross

    To help the victims effected by Super Typhoon Haiyan, which slammed the Philippines as a category 5 storm, SOA Games is doing a 3-week event to help raise funds to donate directly to the Philippine Red Cross. Every dollar counts!

    Due to complaints, we changed the third item in the list to alleviate any problems. All items are on SALE so take advantage of them and remember: ALL funds will be donated to the victims.

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    I supported ^_- 25$


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      wheres your proof that this money is going there? with all the coruption its most likely going right in someones pockets


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        You, every individual, every organization, and every country (including the USA, Canada, United Nations, and several others) asked the same question.

        The Department of Foreign Affairs and a few other organizations have given confirmation to the people via press release that donations will bypass the Philippine government and go directly to the people. Even the US Marine Corps and other military branches have gone to the Philippines and made sure relief goods were not touched by any Philippine politicians. The donations we raise through this event will be going straight to the Philippine Relief Cross.

        Philippines is a very corrupted country with a VERY corrupted government. Trust me, I live in the Philippines. A typhoon that big that would involve international assistance, there's no way outside countries would allow the Philippine government to steal anything.


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          hearing what you want again i asked where the proof was that this was going there and not in the pocket of someone at SOA


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            Originally posted by aega View Post
            hearing what you want again i asked where the proof was that this was going there and not in the pocket of someone at SOA
            Don't worry. We'll post up a screenshot of the transaction after we send the money. The fact that you would actually accuse such a small team of people of stealing money that is going directly to victims who are begging for food and water on a daily basis is pretty low.

            By the way, I didn't say what I wanted. I told you where the money was going which is what you asked. Your second post was pretty much accusing the company of being potential thieves.


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              Look dude, if you dont like this game, which we all know by now you don't, go find another one already and spare us your constant criticizing, whining and ungrounded accusations.
              You obviously need to learn what gaming is. I don't give a damn who cheats or who is mean to you or what little thing went wrong in maintenance or whatever else it is that you don't like. I play my own game, have fun, make friends and otherwise ignore the drama and hick-ups. You should try it sometimes, maybe you'll be a little bit less miserable and spare us spreading your venom.

              And the nerve of asking such an impertinent question....that really is low. Maybe you would think of pocketing the money of fund-raisers yourself, but not everyone has such a twisted mind.

              I would like to praise and thank SOA for their consideration of people in need and am completely confident that the money will end up in the right place


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                if that was true hildeki you wouldnt have said anything so stop trying to be some kind of white knight by standing up to me. sit down and shut the hell up in other words. With everything else going on with the games management i absolutely am saying i dont trust them to do the right thing and if im going to buy something with the intention of my money helping someone i want to be damn sure the people in need get what i give. in the future hildeki if you wanna have blind faith in someone in charge of you, you can go slip an arm band on and join the other nazis cause thats how they got along with bling unquestioning faith.


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                  And banned.

                  Never seen anyone with so much emotional anger in my life. I've also never seen anyone who hates a company that bad and harass other players for standing up for something.

                  Anyways, moving forward, this event is still going on. So please enjoy playing the game, buy the items that we are selling exclusively for the event. We want to raise as much money as possible towards the Philippine Red Cross!!


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                    so much for not banning people for speaking their mind. not only was it a cop out on this question but a cop out for any ongoing conversations. all in all youve proven yourself to be everything i made you out to be


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                      If you're distrustful, which is everyone's fullest right, then don't buy anything, it's as simple as that. Tbh if you wanna question the integrity of this event, you might as well question all such events from any company or organization in the world, because you can never be 100% sure what goes where then. Sometimes in life you just have to have a little faith in the goodness of people. Apparently you aren't capable of that.
                      We all know by now you don't like or trust the company, we all know your opinion, you don't have to keep pressing it over and over again, in a very disrespectful tone btw, up to the point that it gets insulting, thereby not only annoying the people working for SOA themselves, but also the players who are just trying to have abit of fun.

                      And I don't see how Blaze proved your point by banning you, because you were not banned for voicing your opinion, which they've let you do for months, no matter how rude your tone. No, you were banned for calling me a nazi (get your history straight btw, the nazi's weren't belgian), which is a personal, very insulting attack against me for speaking MY mind (yes, you're not the only one who has the right to speak his mind) and which is clearly stated as a bannable offense in the forum rules. So yeah, if you sleep with the devil, there's always hell to pay. You pushed your hatred too far this time.

                      Since we kinda talked over it, I'll refer back to Blaze's msg and restate The event is still going on!!! and have fun playing peeps


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                        you called me a dude and said i think like a theif so yea i deffinatly called you a nazi. bringing in the fact that your belgin means nothing unless your trying to make this a racial thing instead of just a jerk thing. then again maybe your right since you have psychic powers like knowing my tone through written words. and for your information i get called far worse in game and dispite that being against tos and sending in screan shots nothing happens to those players so explain to me why i shouldnt get the same liberties


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                          Creating multiple accounts is against TOS. Saying racial slurs and vulgar words is also against TOS. Claiming that everyone in the game is mean to you....why don't you blacklist them? Having a grudge is never a good thing. Seek peace, not vengeance. If the game was THAT bad, why are you the only one complaining and messaging me?

                          By the way, the donations event ends next Saturday. Wondering how much money we'll be donating to the Philippine Red Cross