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  • Log In Event

    For two weeks, starting November the 18th through December 1st , if you log in each day, you will receive an awesome prize! In addition to these daily prizes, you also have a chance to receive the coveted Apocalypse Gem!

    Rules & Details

    1. The event begins Monday, November 18th at 00:00 server time, and will end on Sunday, December 1st at 23:59 server time.

    2. You must log in for at least one hour each day to qualify for the day's prize. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you log in at 23:00 on Monday for example, and log off at 00:00 on Tuesday server time, this will not count as an hour for either day. You must be logged in between the server time of 00:00 and 23:59 to count for the day.

    3. For this Log in Event, in addition to the daily prizes, we have a tiered Grand Prize!* See below for details.

    4. All Soa Games Forum Rules, Community Guidelines and Terms of Service apply.


    Tiered Grand Prize

    If you've logged in for at least one (1) hour each day for:
    - Three (3) days during the week, you will receive an Apocalypse Gem!
    - Five (5) days during the week, you will receive two (2) Apocalypse Gems!
    - The whole week (7 days), you will receive five (5) Apocalypse Gems!

    Alternatively you can earn one Apocalypse Gem package for every $10 you spend in our web store during the above dates.

    Get in on the action and earn your way towards the Apocalypse Gem!

    * Players will only be able to receive one of the tiered prizes (e.g. if you log in for an hour for five days, you will only get the prize for that tier, not that tier and the three-day tier).

    ** Prize will be distributed after the event ends. While we will do our best to award all prizes within the same week when the event ends, please allow at least 3-5 business days for all prizes to be distributed.

  • #2
    Ok question... 5 apocs for the whole week but, that means we can only get up to 5 apocs even if we participate in the whole event(2 weeks)?

    Or we can get 1 of those prizes each week, meaning we can get up to 10 apocs for being online for the whole week in 2 different weeks? :3


    • #3
      five Apocs per week for a full week log in of over an hour a day


      • #4
        I'm Curious whats in Aurora Lucky Mistery Box xD


        • #5
          All of the log in rewards have now been sent out and should be available at the Activation crystal at 9:30am Server time.


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            I want to thank the GM's for putting down an awesome event with very generous rewards!

            Even after some gremlins found their way to the Activation Crystal the GM's didn't get upset and bought a can of Gremlin-go-away and fixed it all, way ahead of their timeschedule.

            Thanks again and i hope some more great events are coming up!