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Snowball Wars Return!

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  • Snowball Wars Return!

    Snowball Wars Return.

    Yes Luvinians, we heard you! We are bringing back the snowball wars!

    Between December 19th and January 1stst players can redeem points they have accumulated from the snowball wars for prizes from NPC Chilly. You can receive rewards cumulatively. After you have claimed a prize once, you can claim it again later.

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    looks like it sucks to be anyone in different timezones... this so called good christmas event last for a grand total of one hour a day at the same time every day, while i can probably make this time often many others due to being in a different timezone cant. next tiem you guys look at events can you look at doing one that isnt time locked or even a simple fix would be to make the event occur 2-3 times a day but each character can only participate once


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        It's the holiday season guys, come on!! Since the game has returned there has been nothing but negativity. What do you expect??? The game is back so everyone should be happy.
        Is the game buggy? Of course... All games without a high end of thought and preparation will be. You can either participate with the event or NOT participate at all. You cannot expect to have everything in life to be fair, nonetheless in gaming. PERIOD!

        My advise would be to honestly fix issues. My reported issues are still not fixes but I have dealt with it. Don't be like AOL, add features and not focus on repairing bugs.
        In the upcoming year, focus on a overall game plan. For those that do NOT power level, if you inject events, have something for ALL players and not just for the higher level players. You will gain more popularity in game with ALL players.

        Overall we should all appreciate what SOA has done and the people who have brought back your lives.


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          Notes on Christmas event.

          Please note that the event logs from previous events (Programming logs) are not available. Any events we redo are exactly that *completely redone* we start from scratch and work a new event. This means that yes there will be differences in events. These programmed events take a lot of planning, They will always be different. Since the game was up we have fought to have some programmed events (Note we were unable to get a Halloween event out) Going forward there will be significantly more pre planning on events as we anticipate planning out for the entire year.

          We have addressed some of the issues with the current event which will hopefully make it more fun for people. Point of note holiday stockings do not cost anything to open.

          As to reported issues we are addressing those slowly but surely we have fixed hundreds of bugs since the game re-opened as well as introducing some function changes. This will only continue to happen as we move forward. Note that critical bugs and issues will always take priority over problems that are not game breaking.

          @fung can you please tell me which bugs you have reported are still waiting to be addressed ?

          Final thought - forget what happened in the past, we are doing what we can to give you events and fun things to do while still addressing expansion content and critical issues that pop up. Remain positive and remember that the game is as much about how you the players approach it as it is about what we as administration do to address fixes,

          Thank you
          Luvinia World


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            My post was not to bring anything negative into your venture but to praise your efforts to give the people on here a life again. I rarely play so this game does not effect me.

            The biggest issue I have repeatedly submitted ticket for is the family chat after maintenance two weeks ago. If you were once part of a family/guild before maintenance, you still view their family chat. To be honest, they have too much drama which is why I left and many players in my guild now. They also have the same issue but have not submitted a ticket.

            The ONLY repeated resolve is to join that family again AND then quit.... That is NOT acceptable!!! For one, ALL your family contributions are LOST. My only resolve is to close chat in hopes to not miss anything from my own family members... Like I said, I rarely play enough and have lived with the situation.

            The other issue is repeated travels. In various maps, when you are traveling, occasionally your character jumps all the way to the beginning of that current map. Something like being caught in a loop.

            Another is not being able to pick up items especially dungeon drops. The SOMETIMES resolve is to relog in..

            The biggest issue is graphics.. After being in the game maybe 10 minutes, the graphics end up being colored squares. You cannot see anything but titles and you have to hit the TAB key to see where your coins are to pick up.

            Overall, the game is what it is. I raise my hands to you all and Prismfire for all your efforts. From what I can see, allot of players need to appreciate as well BUT the world is not fair and you will ALWAYS have a group of NON appreciatives.