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With the Bug Hunt ending and spring finally kicking in, it is time to bring back our trusted weekly challenges!


Remodelled: PvP tournament strikes back!


Take your best Selfie with one of the GMs out and about in Savejela.


LuviniaWorld honors its Veteran playes with a $250 gift pack


Now you can play your favorite MMORPG on more stable servers as Soa games switches to offer a better gaming experience


Once again your favorite anime based MMORPG - Luvinia World - has topped the charts of amazing events... Now you can show off your Luvinia World knowledge by finding obscure items in the game while working with your family to show off your stuff, all while earning the chance to win up to $2000 dollars worth of prizes! Join now and get in on this spectacular fun event!

Luvinia World is back! Register and Play Now!δΈ€ Get married in-game for fun or for love! Socialize and interact with thousands of players! Embark on a mysterious adventure where you will find dangerous monsters and hidden treasures. Join a world full of stunning beauty and magical wonder in Luvinia.